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Double Word | Gold Filled Beaded Bracelet

$ 30.00

These dainty bracelets are the perfect layering piece that can be worn with virtually anything. Perfect for every day, a gift for a loved one, a gift for yourself or even a wedding party. Each piece is packaged up individually.

One word bracelet, the other bracelet with the solitaire is sold separately.


Childrens Names

Loved Ones Names

Good Luck

Good Vibes

Bless Release

Inspire Change

Live Love

"Gold filled" comprises a solid layer of gold (18k) permanently bonded to a base metal, such as brass. The minimum layer of gold must equal at least 1/20th the weight of the total item. It is very hard wearing and under normal wear the gold will not peel or flake, unlike gold plate, and is commonly used as a more economical alternative to pure gold.

Gold has been known to symbolize power and wealth, used to symbolize the purity, it is said to increase the healing powers of stones.

Metal beads are 4mm. Bracelet is 7" unless noted otherwise.

Make a note at checkout with the exact words you would like.

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