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Carved Gemstone Elephant Bracelet | Livvi's Rainbow For Charity

$ 42.00

"Remember that you are stronger than you think."

40% of the profits of each piece sold will be donated to Alex's Lemonade Stand (ALSF) a national childhood cancer foundation dedicated to raising funds for research into new treatments and cures for all children battling cancer.

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These beautiful bracelets features a hand carved obsidian elephant strung with rose quartz, howlite and black agate. Choose from gold filled, rose gold filled or sterling silver accents.

 An elephant personifies a number of positive attributes, including abundance, fertility and richness; boldness and strength; and wisdom and royalty. Elephants symbolizes inner strength, patience, courage and luck.

 Agate fosters love, abundance, good luck, courage, protection, balance, harmony & strength.

 Howlite is the stone of calmness, comfort, knowledge, and it helps relieve an overactive mind. Some say that holding a piece of Howlite has the same effect as spending an hour at a spa. It has the ability to heal mentally, physically and emotionally. Opens one up to their inner truth.

△ Rose Quartz: An all around loving stone attracts unconditional love, self-healing, compassion, warmth and peace. Rose Quartz teaches you to love yourself and others and encourages forgiveness, tolerance, patience, understanding and acceptance. It will open the heart and soothe past emotional trauma. Rose Quartz reawakens love and reminds us that true love is unconditional. Wear Rose Quartz to attract love into your life or to restore trust and harmony to an existing relationship. It is also a stone of fertility. 

* Certain gemstones, crystals & metals have metaphysical properties that are meant to promote health and positive thinking. These items are never meant to replace a doctor. There are no results guaranteed from Ravishing Jewelry.

Make a note at checkout with your metal choice, gold filled, rose gold filled or sterling silver.

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For Childrens Jewelry: Please ALWAYS supervise your little ones while wearing our bracelets as they do contain small beads and parts! They are made with strong elastic cord and are made to withstand wear and tear, but accidents do happen! Ravishing Jewelry is not responsible for any problems that may occur.

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