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Geometric Diffuser Stack | Howlite

$ 42.00

These bracelets allow you to carry your favorite essential oil scent wherever you go. Whether it's a calming scent, an invigorating scent or a perfumed scent anything goes. Take a whiff and get whisked away!

 Howlite is the stone of calmness, comfort, knowledge, and it helps relieve an overactive mind. Some say that holding a piece of Howlite has the same effect as spending an hour at a spa. It has the ability to heal mentally, physically and emotionally. Opens one up to their inner truth.

Directions: Place 1 to 2 drops on your fingers and rub into the blonde wood beads. You can also just place a drop on the wood and rub it in.  The oil scent will last a few days, it is dependent upon what oil you use and it's concentration.

If you have been looking for an oil check out my personal link for Young Living Essential Oils, here

- Smooth beads are 8mm

- Wood bead is 12mm

- Handrafted in the USA

- Set of two

* Certain gemstones have metaphysical properties that are meant to promote health and positive thinking. These items are never meant to replace a doctor. There are no results guaranteed from Ravishing Jewelry.

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