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Druzy Hamsa Slider Bracelet

$ 8.00 $ 18.00

This beautiful piece features a colored druzy hamsa , a metal slide bead closure and cubic zirconia details at the end of the chain. Colors and textures may vary and may not be exactly as photographed.

△ The Hamsa (Hand of Fatima or Hand of Miriam) is a symbol that is believed to protect from harm against the evil eye and bring goodness, abundance, fertility, luck and good health. It is very similar to the lucky eye and Cornicello (aka Italian Horn) amulets.

△ Silver is the metal of the moon. Like the moon and water, silver is reflective and used to mirror the soul bringing people calm and balance. Silver gives the wearer use of the moons energy and protecting them from negativity.

Adjustable with a slide closure.

Silver is plated.

- Avoid contact with perfumes, body oils, and other chemicals, including household cleaners. Never use chemical jewelry cleaners as these will do more harm than good.
- For light cleaning, gently polish with a soft, lint-free cloth to avoid scratching. 
- Store it in a cool dry place.

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