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The HEART JUJU Bracelet Set in Prehnite | Limited Edition

$ 64.00

This one-of-a-kind (oak) piece is infused with so much love and meaning. The quality and color of these beads used are no longer available so this is the only piece created.

△ Prehnite is a stone of unconditional love and connects the will and the heart. It is said to connect to the archangel Raphael. Prehnite enhances inner knowledge, showing the path forward to spiritual growth through attunement to divine energy. Wear prehnite to strengthen your intuition and recognize truths. Used as a stone of vision, it works well during meditation to access higher levels of awareness, stimulating the third eye chakra. Prehnite has a calm energy and is a gentle, nurturing stone.  It cools down anger and helps to quieten restlessness, nervousness and worry.

△ Clear quartz is known as the "master healer". It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy and draws off negative energy of all kinds. Clear quartz is the most powerful, versatile multi-purpose healing stone, particular regarding self esteem, and healing wounds. It amplifies the energy of all other stones and increases your emotional energy.

△ The energy of gold can be used to clear negativity, balance energy and assist one in the elimination of ego conflicts and feelings of futility. It can also help to combat feelings of depression and inferiority. Gold has been known to symbolize power and wealth, used to symbolize the purity, it is said to increase the healing powers of stones.

- Gemstone beads are 6mm to 8mm. Gold filled beads are 4mm.

- Handcrafted in the USA

- Set of four bracelets

* Certain gemstones have metaphysical properties that are meant to promote health and positive thinking. These items are never meant to replace a doctor. There are no results guaranteed from Ravishing Jewelry.

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