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Mama Bear Mala

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Deep within each of us lies a creature of feral ferociousness. The Mama Bear. Do not mess with her cubs. Ever.

This mama bear mala features the word "mama" in brushed silver with a brushed gold plated teddy bear hand knotted onto light pink cord with fragrant sandalwood and rose quartz beads.

This is the perfect mommy gift or anytime gift for a new mom, family, friends or yourself!

For a custom piece, using a different color cord, different beads or a different word please email me.

△ Rose quartz is "the stone of love". It provides emotional balance, security and peace. Used as a protective gemstone during childbirth and pregnancy, it allows you to truly embrace unreserved love and the magic of childbirth, allowing you to connect deeply with yourself, your baby and the whole universe. It helps to heal mothers after birth. Eases stress with fertility and the female reproductive system. Hold on your belly while pregnant to help bond and connect with your unborn child.

△ Sandalwood is a purifying scent and is often used to clear the mind for meditation or energy healing. It enhances both the spiritual and physical well-being of men and women. It is thought that sandalwood guides away the distractions of the mind back to the sensual joy of the body. It has one of the highest vibrations, attracting the highest spiritual vibrations, opening spiritual centers and aligning the chakras to enhance awareness and allowing healing energies to flow.

Letters measure 5mm x 6mm

Bear measures 9.5mm 10mm

Letter & bear charms are plated.

Each piece is hand knotted between every bead with love and intention, by me.

* Certain gemstones have metaphysical properties that are meant to promote health and positive thinking. These items are never meant to replace a doctor. There are no results guaranteed from Ravishing Jewelry.

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