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Geometric Diffuser Beads | Mini + Me | Your Choice

$ 18.00

This darling bracelet set is perfect to assist you in your crazy day! These bracelets allow you and your little one to carry your favorite essential oil scent wherever you go. Whether it's a calming scent, an invigorating scent or a perfumed scent anything goes. 

For your little...These bracelets act as a diffuser so you and your child can have the calming effect of oils with him or her all day.

Each bracelet features 8mm beads and one 12mm blonde polygon wooden bead. These pair perfectly with our stacks and solos.  To create your own stack go to STACKABLES!

Directions: Place 1 to 2 drops on your fingers and rub into the blonde wood beads. You can also just place a drop on the wood and rub it in.  The oil scent will last a few days, it is dependent upon what oil you use and it's concentration.

If you have been looking for an oil check out my persoanl link for dōTERRA®, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils, here

Recommended for children above the age of three, as to not pose a choking threat if beads come loose.

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