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Gift Curation No. 10 | The Hippie | 1 Available

$ 80.00 $ 175.00

This curation of handmade jewelry, minerals + PUREfume is sure to please.


A set of 3 bracelets, clear quartz, gold beads with gold filled detailing.

A moonphase roller bottle with 100% pure energy cleansing essential oils + organic jojoba oil.

A smudge kit with an abalone shell, cedar, yerba mate, palo santo + white sage with flowers.

+ cedar for strength, support + security

+ yerba for protection + setting boundaries

+ palo santo for blessing, healing + consecrating a space

+ white sage for cleansing + clearing negative energy

A mega rhodonite tower, TWO pounds of awesomeness!

This stone of compassion, encourages self-love, forgiveness, balances emotions and nurtures. Rhodonite grounds and balances.

These beautiful towers have been hand picked by me. They have been cleansed in water, moonlight, sunlight + filled with positive vibes.


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