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Gift Curation No. 09 | Serenity | 1 Available

$ 80.00 $ 175.00

This curation of handmade jewelry, minerals + PUREfume is sure to please.


A gorgeous amethyst sphere

A set of 4 bracelets, amethyst, an amethyst point, clear quartz with gold filled detailing.

A beautiful swirl roller bottle with 100% pure neroli essential oil + organic jojoba oil.

A faceted amethyst vial necklace on 24" of gold filled paperclip chain.

Gold has been known to symbolize power + wealth, used to symbolize the purity, it is said to increase the healing powers of stones.

Amethyst is a powerful + protective stone. It carries the energy of fire + passion, creativity + spirituality. It soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear, stress + dissolves negativity.


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